ArtEZ Fashion Masters,
Graduation collection 2012/2013 “Lets Shake the Tree and See What Falls Out” by Hilda Wijnhoud, #14 With this collection I want question the relationship between individual identity and society. What role does fashion take in interacting with society? How does one choose a fashion identity, and what motives underlay this decision? Does one wear what best reflects one’s identity, or does one choose for that which meets one’s aspired identity?
My approach to these questions was tainted by a friction that I have struggled with hitherto, namely whether to take a concept-based or an intuition-based approach. In a concept-based collection one imposes upon oneself a set of rules and principles, and forces oneself to express one’s creativity within the bounds of these limitations. The benefits of such an approach are that one displaces oneself from ordinary routine, and that one can choose rules and principles that appeal to a large audience, and thereby make the collection easily identifiable. The drawback is that to set oneself limits often leads to a considerable watering down of the creative identity of the designer. In intuition-based designing one shuns such limitations. The process of designing is simple and pure: to translate one’s creativity and identity to fashion. In this approach purity of identity is given precedence over the desire to reach a large audience.
For this collection I desire to emphasize my purest identity, and will follow an intuition-based approach. In other words: this collection is an exercise in intellect and creativity rather than an exercise in societal identity control: the designer, me, rather than the wearer takes centre stage.

Four silhouettes
“The Fallen façade” ArtEZ Fashion Masters,
Institute of the arts 2011
‘everybody is unique except me’
Mini Collection
Five Silhouettes “ The Red, The Brunette, The Blond, The Grey, The Black” ArtEZ Fashion Masters,
Institute of the arts
2012 5 Hair Colours, 5 Types of Women: 1 Coat, 1 Dress
Keeping up Appearances
Nine Silhouettes “Keeping up Appearances’ Gerrit Rietveld academie
2010 Thesis Title: Surrounded; Victim of the System In my research I have focussed on the multiple identities of the individual, in particular the interaction between identity and capitalism, and the trend of objectifying oneself. I have interpreted this interaction as the necessity to wear a ”mask’ so as to be able to become involved in society the translation resulted in the question: “ why are we not doing what is most easy”
Why does one not simply update their pajamas, before leaving home?
Four silhouettes “Black” Gerrit Rietveld academie
2009 Based on the feeling of wearing black
Security. Focus. Distance.
How does one translate this feeling to bodily from when black suddenly disappears? Symmetry Four Silhouettes “Slam with the Glam” Gerrit Rietveld Academie
2008 From Symmetry to Asymmetry
Follow the line in order or disorder
from stiffness to letting go
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